VIVIFII evolved from Lalipop Fit, a blog created by me in 2014, which focused on holistic wellness, weight loss and fitness.


After several years in the industry as a personal trainer and blogger, I grew weary of promoting weight loss, with all the gimmicks, fad diets and the harmful side effects caused by fussing over numbers on a scale instead of on what matters: overall health, how energetic our bodies feel every day, and, most importantly, how we feel about ourselves as a whole human beings. 


I decided not to start over from scratch, rather to reshape the brand as it has developed, with a new look and name, trusting that you will continue to accompany me on this journey.


Life is about continual development and a core value of mine is to always strive for improvement. We cannot forget where we came from just because we're not in the same place anymore. We must never forget what got us started. And never be afraid to analyze and adjust when we've outgrown old beliefs.

I’m also choosing to step away, somewhat, as the ‘face’ of the brand. My goal is not to convince you to live the way I do. My goal is to give you the space and freedom to become more of yourselves and cease striving to be like the distorted version of everyone else you see on social media. We can all be inspired by each other in many different ways.

Mental health is far more crucial than any particular body shape. When our minds are unhealthy, our bodies suffer which manifests differently in all of us.


Let’s create healthy relationships with the food which we eat, instead of using it as a form of punishment or reward. 

VIVIFII is not about striving for an ideal of perfection. It is about authenticity, fulfillment, getting comfortably vulnerable and prioritising fun!

I am committed to constantly keeping up with current research and developments in the world of health and wellness, preferring to take a simplified approach which is easier to implement and maintain. Natural products are always the first choice when it comes to health, beauty and nutrition.

Some noticeable points I'd like to share are:

  • Using natural, unprocessed ingredients to nourish the body from the inside and outside

  • Simplicity, breaking formulas down to the basics

  • Detoxing the mind of clutter, harmful self-talk and anxiety

  • Breaking free from anyone else’s expectations other than our own

  • Holding ourselves accountable to our highest standards

  • Unapologetically expressing creativity and unique passions


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Lara Hatton