Simple, Carb-Free Meatballs - Perfect for Meal Prepping! [recipe]

Maintaining a healthy eating plan can be tricky at times when you are too busy to cook.
Grabbing food on the go often results in compromising on your health.

If you set aside an hour or two per week to plan and prepare ahead, it will save you time and money during the week.

And you won’t miss out on the results of maintaining your standard of eating, no matter how busy you get.

The Simplest Meatballs

Meatballs are a standard household meal, but are traditionally ‘bulked up’ with bread crumbs (or other fillers) and use egg to bind them. I’m not sure who decided it should be this way but it is completely unnecessary! Try these low carb meatballs for a delicious clean meal on hand.

My homemade meatballs are absolutely delicious and will take you half the time to prepare. I make them all the time, in big batches and freeze them in portion bags. Then I just grab the bag out the freezer when I need something convenient.

You can eat them just as they are. Seriously, try them! A good quality meat needs no fancy flavourings. You can also use them in a low-carb pasta if you spiralize some zucchini and make a sauce of your choice.

You can also roll the balls a bit bigger and make them into burger patties. Exactly the same recipe, just cook for a little longer.

I’m very particular on the quality of meat/animal products that I consume. I like to buy my produce from the organic market so that I know it come from the local farmers who farm ethically. The livestock are grass-fed and not fed any hormones.

It is more expensive but it’s an investment in my body and I can really feel the difference.

If you aren’t able to get grass-fed or organic meat, then it is better to go for leaner products as the chemicals are stored in the animal’s fat.

When you have the ability to eat the best quality meat you don’t need to trim the fat, there is a lot of goodness in eating all parts of the animal. Fat feeds the brain, don’t shy away from healthy fat.

Prep Time 10 minutes

Cook Time 20 minutes


1 kg beef mince free-range lean

1 small white onion

1 tablespoon oregano or herbs of your choice

1 teaspoon salt

1/2 teaspoon pepper

1 tablespoon butter grass-fed


  1. Place the beef mince in a large bowl

  2. Dice the onion finely

  3. Add onion and seasoning to the mince

  4. Mix altogether until evenly combined, it's messy but much easier to use your hands

  5. Roll into balls the size of a heaped tablespoon

  6. Heat some butter in a pan on medium heat

  7. Place balls evenly in pan and flatten slightly without breaking them

  8. Pan fry, flipping them every 5 minutes until cooked through

  9. Enjoy with your favourite dip or store for later

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